About 縁(en)





  • 自分たちの考えとは180度違う考え方の人もいる。
  • 他人と比較しなくても良い。
  • ユニークで良い、という事。




“縁” means a connection, bond, fate, or destiny in Japanese.

Through our time as Angelica Cooking Class, we have met countless people not only from Kochi but also from so many walks of life and places around the world.

Meeting new people is always so exciting to us. Interacting with people of different cultures, religions, and worldviews makes us realize again and again that there are so many things we have yet to discover.

One of the most enduring lessons we’ve learned so far is that while language is important, genuine communication is absolutely vital.

Thanks to all those we’ve met thus far, we were able to realize:

There are people whose thoughts and ideas are totally different from ours

The absurdity of comparing ourselves to others

The inestimable worth of uniqueness and individuality

And best of all, that food crosses borders

These fortuitous encounters helped spark an open-minded and optimistic outlook for us. We truly appreciate all of the 縁 that we’ve had the good fortune to cultivate.

And, now it’s our turn to lend a helping hand and foster others’ 縁via gastronomy and cooking together. That is why we’re resolved to break new ground as 縁 (en).